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Approximate pricing:
 Rick Cline - performance fee $100 - $500 
(From concert percussion to contemporary drum set, from world percussion to solo marimba,… I own and perform hundreds of instruments such as timpani, all mallet instruments, all small percussion, and hand drums, and steel drums.)

 Rick Cline - education fees $100 - $500
(I can teach all level percussion players from beginner to college, in small or large groups, concert percussion, drum set, etc.)

 Rick Cline Jazz Trio - $400 - $1000
(Instrumental or vocal trio , or larger, any combination of instruments, and any style of jazz, from contemporary to be-bop, from Latin to swing, I have the privilege to know some of the finest musicians in the state, and will put the right players together for the right venue.)

 Pan Jive Steel Drum Band (duo - sextet) - $200 - $1500
(go to 

Gahu West African Drumming - $200 - $1200
(Specializing in educational performances in schools and festivals, our amazing dancer along with authentic West African drums from Mali, perform traditional selections for all ages)

 Baby Black Band (trio - quintet)- $400 - $2000
(go to ) (From R&B, Motown, Soul, Hiphop, Rock, Pop, Funk, you name it… this professional group of musicians can entertain any audience. We own our own PA / Lights and specialize in cooperate and private events, festivals, and club scenes.)

 Nathan Hefner Group - $400 - $1000
(visit ) From the classic swing of Ellington and Basie to the sounds of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Bobby Darrin, you will absolutely enjoy this group for any occasion.

 Cline Town Recording Studio: $25 per hour recording session
$50 per song mastering / mixing
(see contract) 

(We’re running Protools LE, Waves plugins, with excellent quality mics and pre-amps.. Engineer Matt Decker is certified in Protools from schools in NY and can mix any type of music, from Bluegrass, jazz and hard core rock.)

 Piedmont Percussion Program: $220 4 month tuition
(go to

 Pandemic Community Steel Band: $110 4 month tuition
(this group meets once a week on Sundays for an hour and performs for festivals and special events all over our area. Enrolment is based on availability of instruments)

 Private lessons: $18 - $30
(Held primarily at the Music Center INC. in Hickory ) 

Drum Circles: $150 - $400
(I own over 30 African drums, and can accommodate a group of 35-40 players)

 Drum tuning/ repair: $25 per hour
(This depends on what needs fixed, I have hundreds of hours of experience)

 Marching Drum Lines : $35 per hour
(depending on my availability, and distance,)

 Music Arranging Fee: $25 per hour or $200-300 per song
(primarily this pertains to percussion, or marching drum lines)